A few random thoughts

JEREMIAH - The team that Jer will be climbing with this summer, keeps a blog updating friends & family who are {left behind} as up-to-date as possible about what's going on, up on the mountain. The first teams of the season are set for a "summit bid" (meaning an attempt on the summit from high camp) possibly today! It's neat to see the pictures (though they are from previous trips) of where they are. Today's picture however, yikes! HERE is a link to the picture . . . can you believe in a month or so, that will be MY husband standing there? I'm so proud of him- you would not believe how hard he has been working out, to prepare for this. We're talking wearing a 65 lb pack, pulling a 50 lb tire in the 90+ degree Florida heat. His muscles are huge but I don't want to post a picture here and make everyone swoon. HERE is the blog link if you want to read the rest.

SHANNON- Is growing up so much. A few things about here these days:

* She talks all.the.time. Really. Other people even comment on it. Usually we don't understand her but wow, does she go on and on! HERE is a link to a youtube video with her chattering away about a month ago.

* The real words she says . . . for some reason are mostly C words. Cup, car, Cocoa (our bird), cheese. Also bubbles (even though she's afraid of them), Mom, Dadda, Baby, Erika. And then she'll imitate most things, like the alphabet, etc..

* Sign language she loves- more, please, all done, help (working on distinguishing between this and clapping), and just recently we do "I love you" and it's so cute. We point to ourselves, then hug ourselves, then point to the other person. Tonight at dinner, one of her favorite Aunties said "I love you" and Shannon did that back to her!

* Speaking of imitating, that's her favorite thing to do. Yesterday she opened our "pantry" door, pulled out the broom, swept the floor a little and then put it back. She likes to wipe her face with a napkin, blow on "hot" food, and after I blew my nose yesterday, I caught her ripping off a paper towel and blowing her nose!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I laughed hard at that one!

I love this little girl, she's amazing and special. Thanks for letting me brag on her AND write these things down so I don't forget.

Well that's good for tonight. I need to go workout quick before bed . . .

Shannon has also been caught stealing and eating my tomatoes! Unfortunately that means she's just like her mom!


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