Lots of Things!

Circumstances: We had our first weekend without the boys in a month. Shannon had a fever and was cranky the entire time.

Confession: I wasn't a very good mom. I was angry and frustrated. And then angry and more frustrated. It was very selfish of me and I forgot the most important part of motherhood is sometimes just sitting with your sick one.

Thankfully Shannon woke up Monday morning good as new. Who knows why she had the fever, she seems to get them every once and a while but doesn't ever get "sick." I wonder if her body just fights stuff off really well?

Shoot, I had something I was going to write about today, something meaningful and for the life of me I can't remember it! Grrr! I am feeling better now, so life can go on more like normal. I'm trying to get our house and us ready for vacation. I know it's a month away . . . but we'll be gone for 3 weeks and when we get back, vacation is over, the boys return and I'll be 7 months pregnant! So lots to do around here :)

I can't wait until we {hopefully} find out if we're having a boy/girl. If it's a girl we have to do nothing other than eventually buy another crib for Shannon or baby . . . but we won't need that until baby is about 3 months old, so that gives us a little time. It's weird to think of a bedroom with TWO CRIBS in it, eeek! If it's a boy I need to get rid of Shan's clothes, add some green to her pink & green bedroom and still get a crib.

Oh yeah, I remember. WEANING! So BEFORE I was pregnant, we were quite content in our nursing. Shan nursed between 4 and 7 times a day- she was happy with it and I was fine with it. Once I got pregnant, my biggest "worry" was that she needed to be weaned before baby came . . . I'm not up for tandem nursing (though kudos to those who do it!). And Shan loves her "nursies" so much that I knew it had to happen well before October.

Problem 1. She loves nursies A LOT.
Problem 2. She wouldn't drink out of ANY sippy cups.

Answers . . . She started drinking out of a normal cup . . . which is all fine and dandy except for the messes and the small quantity she was consuming. About a week ago I found a cup she would drink out of (sippy cup that is). This weekend was a nightmare with her being sick and then wanting to nurse all.day.long. So Monday morning, SPUR OF THE MOMENT I decided we'd start weaning. I need a break (physically mostly) and it's time. So when she woke up I handed her a cup full of milk instead of nursing. She was fine. It did require me to be a bit more of an attentive mom . . . she asksed for nursies a few times during the morning but I just changed the subject and moved on. Yippeeee! I did nurse her at naptime, since I figure cold-turkey is a little harsh. And then she made it through the afternoon and even her "hard time" around 3-4 pm! So we went from nursing around 7 times a day to TWO in one day! Yaahooo!!

Today is going well, she's asked for it a few times but again, I've tried to just give her more time- playing with toys and books and distracting. After a week or so I think I'll cut out the nap nurse and then go from there!

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading :) and celebrating these mamma things with me!


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