Falling for Fall

So it's that time of year where people start saying things on Facebook like

oh what a nice chill in the air today
I enjoyed a lovely walk in the cool air
it's starting to feel like Fall here

And meanwhile, it's over 90 degrees in Florida, everything is bright green and there are NO signs of fall in the air. I do enjoy warmer weather, but this is the time of year when it's really, really hard on me to live here. I miss northern falls SO BADLY that I spend a lot of time dreaming of ways to live there again. Every year. I miss the

beautiful leaves
making apple cider in our back yard
pumpkins and hay bales everywhere
"the" chill in the air
wearing jeans!!!
clear nights with bright stars
pulling out long sleeves
enjoying a hot beverage

So instead, I'm sitting here at my computer, window shopping for "fall." A few of my favorite finds . . .

I found THIS Etsy seller who makes such pretty jewelry, made in Ireland. I have a nice collection of stuff from around the world and antiques from my family. I don't normally like to buy jewelry, I prefer the things I do have to have a LOT of meaning. And I like to wear the things I love all the time, so I can't have a big collection. BUT looking at these earrings, bracelets and necklaces . . . I might have to ask for a pair or two for Christmas. Or maybe an "I had a baby gift?"

I can smell these balsam fir sachets already! Yum!

If Shannon was old enough for dress-up, I'd make one of these today!

Okay, that's enough shopping for now. I am also attempting to enjoy fall by scrap booking and crafting. I'll leave you with one other link. I love this woman's blog, and she has some great resource links. This is for her "themes and plans" for September.


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