Time vs Motivation

Getting there . . . here are Shannon, baby brother and I at almost 35 weeks! I'm actually feeling pretty good, considering I am carrying an extra 20 pounds on my body and have a very wiggly baby in my belly and a wild child outside of my belly! My hands have started to have the "arthritis" feeling in them when I wake up in the morning and are slightly swollen and because baby is getting lower I'm starting to have those nasty cramps in my upper thighs! eeek! Otherwise things are good in that department.

I (like most of you) have a list a million pages long of things I'd like to do before baby comes. If I learned anything after having one child, it's that I'll get *nothing* other than the house basics done for the first 4-6 months after Baby Boy is born. Soooo, that means I have a lot of organizing and other random projects I'd really like to get done before he shows up. My biggest problem is time & energy . . . I am quite tired in the mornings from not sleeping well. After nap time I feel great . . . but that's about 3 pm and our boys come home from school at 4 pm. UGH! So frustrating! I'd get a ton done if I'd drink caffeine in the morning but it makes me feel awful so I don't. Guess I'll keep looking at those lists for a while!

Well tonight is our night off and I'm attempting to get something scrapbooked . . . again, have the time but not the motivation. Anyone else feel that way? Night!


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