Quick Catch Up

Outside my window... my new garden is slowly coming along!

I am thinking... about my priorities and how to manage not just my time but my emotional/mental energy. One of the hard things about this job is the turnover of staff . . . meaning I'm always having to invest in new friends. Over the years I've made some life-long friends but also a lot of co-worker-type-friends. We have two new couples getting ready to start at the Ranch and with that comes the struggle of how much I need to be investing in them as a co-worker/"older woman" (I'm almost 10 years older than the new staff now!), etc. Should I be investing in them? Is that what God wants me to do or not? Lots to think and pray about.

I am thankful for... two babies sleeping at the same time (and mommy will be in 5 minutes too!)
From the learning rooms... reading "The Well Trained Mind" as we think about our kids education. Amazing book already.

From the kitchen... greek yoghurt, fresh strawberries

I am wearing... a new shirt from the thrift store! Beautiful, dark purple.

I am creating... a flower pot from paper flowers. Can't wait to share!
I am going... to be so happy for summer vacation to get here.

I am reading... "The Well Trained Mind."
I am hoping... to find a great outfit for my brother's wedding . . . in less than a month!

I am hearing... Forest grunting as he is supposed to be going to sleep.

Around the house... so much to do. I need to find a new routine for this new house.

One of my favorite things... nap time!

A few plans for the rest of the week: we have the boys all weekend. Enough said.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

From our trip to Disney . . .


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