Lest you think my life is filled with rainbow colored waffles, painting with cornstarch paint, snuggling and laughter . . .

10 days ago hell broke loose in my house. Okay, that's not very nice to say. Shannon got sick. A week later, while she was still being "strange" (more on that later) Forest decided to start barfing. All over me. Nothing like looking at your mom after nursing and puking up that precious milk. All over her. Three days later, Forest is still cranky and not eating (though not throwing up, thankfully) . Shannon . . . I'm not sure what's up with her. Let's just say we've had a LOT of character training sessions lately, revovloving around the issue of self-control (not screaming and throwing fits when things don't go our way).

I'd like to update further, but time is at a dire premium these last two weeks of the year. I'm trying to be a good steward of my time and stay focused on my family, not drifting off mentally. More later.


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