What is normal anyway?

I keep waiting for things to settle back to "normal," so that I can post . . . but I'm beginning to wonder what exactly our new normal will be.

September- random fever "bug" hits

October- felt good for a week or two, then the horrid hormonal symptom-problems begin for over two weeks.

November- symptoms end, followed by my period, followed by 5 days of feeling good . . . which was then ended brutally as I started taking Metformin again.  (Purpose is to hopefully shorten my too-long cycle and help me ovulate).  That was then followed by one horrid, awful, terrible week of being sick (completely normal for it to be really hard on your body as it gets used to it).  Feeling sick, depressed and lifeless.

December-  I finally feel good!  Yipppeee!  And then BAM the {real} flu bug hits on Saturday!  As in I was okay at 9 am and by noon I was out!  I've never had the flu . . . and I've never been so sick, ever.  Couldn't move or function from Saturday until Monday.  And yes, that means Jer had to manage the whole cottage and our kids, alone.  Monday afternoon I visited the doctor- no secondary infections, just the aggressive flu . . . and come home to discover Shan's temp is up to 102 . . .

Today they are both in full-blown sickness- alternating fevers between 100 and 103 . . . we watched so much tv today that Shannon cried and said her eyes hurt :) HA!  I'm getting better- probably at a 5 out of 10, still running a pretty consistent 100 degree temp :(  and I sound like a scratchy man talking.  Hopefully we'll all get some sleep tonight, but the crying and wailing that just led to them going to bed at 6:50 doesn't give me much hope.

I suppose that's life and parenting, huh?  Which leads me to . . . I've never had such a string of feeling bad and it's been rough emotionally.  We've simplified a lot and will continue to do so until everyone is better.

But I'm here and wanted to check in!  Let's see if I can manage a few pictures . . . okay, never mind, I'm going to post this and THEN look for pictures, just in case someone wakes up or it doesn't happen!


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