Something different for a change . . .

Outside my window... a bit of a thunderstorm and a "cold front" moving in!   Yeah for temps in the upper 70s instead of 80s!!!!

I am thinking... 
about families and hurting people.  How much damage "hurt people" do to others in their attempt to make others hurt as much as they do.  How dangerous our advice to others can be, when we don't know the whole story.

I am thankful...
for my family.  While not perfect, I am thankful to grow up in a healthy family without abuses of various kinds, that seem to plague so, so, so many.  Thankful for vacation too!

In the kitchen...
lots of fresh veggies and berries from my dad's garden.  Perfection.

I am wearing...
one of the few things that's comfortable here at 28 weeks . . . jammies!

I am creating... daily plans and routines for our life upon return from vacation.  Planning to create lots of cute things with all the vintage fabrics I've collected!

I am going... to have a fun day with my family tomorrow!  

I am wondering... what this sweet baby girl is going to be like?  Will God answer my prayers about her personality or give me something different?  Something different that he knows the world needs?

I am reading... random books my parents have checked out from the library.

I am hoping... to enjoy our last week of vacation.  To cherish the moments and stay connected.  

I am looking forward to... meeting this sweet baby in about 12 weeks and welcoming her to our family!

I am learning... that I have a lot of areas to grow and improve in.

Around the house... lots of family!

A few plans for the rest of the week... perhaps a visit to the lake, a visit to a fun town.


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