Vacation, Baby Stuff and Pinterest

We ended our vacation in NY well.  I got sick a few days before and spent three days on the couch, doing nothing.  Well, more "nothing" than I had already been doing, ha!  The last couple days were very relaxing, just hanging out and being together.  A few other highlights.

More yard work with Papa.

 photo 282_zps3f2e7632.jpg

A make-shift bike trailer!

 photo 307_zps87c64b02.jpg

Spinning in the yard.

 photo 378_zps58bca025.jpg

Peeking out from under mom's belly.

 photo 391_zps4a2a0f63.jpg

Climbing trees (he used the shovel to climb up into the tree, since he's too short).

 photo 326_zps8bc4670e.jpg


 photo 270_zps117059c6.jpg

Love these two!

 photo 368_zps7bd85314.jpg

The kids were happy to be home, to see their friends and be in the house.  *I* was happy to be home, too!  Little things like not trekking down the stairs to go to the bathroom at night, having my things close at hand, etc.  And there is something to be said for just being "us."  In the few days we've been home, we've been able to get back into some routines and establish some new habits that are just too hard to do with other people around or on vacation.  Back to cleaning up rooms daily.  The kids are learning to clear their part of the dinner table (tonight Forest actually did it all without being reminded!).  Playing together peacefully.  It's good to be home!

In other random news . . . we gave away most of the baby "gear" and baby clothing from both Shannon and Forest.  We still have the co-sleeper that both of them used, for the first few months (I think 4 months for Shannon and 5 months for Forest).

 photo 011bc_zps1b6a3478.jpg

Other than that, we had nothing.  The only things that I really felt like we *had* to have were a crib and a car seat.  The other things are nice but not something I would have bought.  And then one night, a co-worker sent her boys over with arms full of baby things!  Swing!  Bouncy seat!  Baby bathtub!  All things that are nice but not necessities!

 photo 400_zps99772be4.jpg

 photo 401_zps21c3440b.jpg

While on vacation, I spotted the ONE car seat that will fit in the back of our car (a small Kia Rio) with two booster seats- the Chicco Keyfit, on Craigslist.  It's the same seat we had for Shan & Forest, the smallest on the market, also happens to be rather pricey ($190).  I sent a message to a friend in Orlando and she was gracious to go and pick it up for me!  Oh, and the lady sold it to us for $50!!!  Doesn't look like she even put her baby in it . . . and if she did, the baby certainly didn't pee, poop, spit up or breathe on it, ha!

 photo 399_zps169d9d09.jpg

We also found our crib on Craigslist, the exact one I wanted ($300 new) for $80.  Perfect condition and we should be able to sell it again when we are done.

 photo 403_zps3e9d562f.jpg

Today we received two GIGANTIC boxes/bags of clothing (boxes like 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide).  Most of it was for baby girl!  We actually now have a good base of clothing for this little one, which is super exciting!

As I mentioned before vacation, I've been trying to get some projects done around the house.  Many of them inspired by ideas I've found around the internet, mostly on Pinterest.  I love the source of creativity and inspiration it is!  What a great way for women (and men) to inspire each other!  Creative people aren't that way just because they are made different, but largely because they surround themselves with other creative people!  So!  These are ideas from others and I'll try to link them up!

Burp clothes- made from nasty old rags I used with Forest!  Found the idea HERE and used cute vintage fabrics from my mom.

 photo 045b_zpscebaac1c.jpg

Bookshelf for Forest's room.  Found the idea in a few places on pinterest and used paint from his wall and some amazing old Navy ocean maps I found at a local garage sale (they are all neat places around Florida like "Alligator Lagoon").

 photo 005_zpsc3a74aef.jpg

Bookshelves for up on Shannon's bunk bed- found the idea HERE.

 photo 035bc_zpseb8d1590.jpg

And that's about it for tonight!  I'm definitely in the third trimester- hurting physically at the end of the day (back, hips, legs) and unable to sleep at night.  But if that's the worst "symptom" I have, I'll take it!  I'm just about 30 weeks . . .10 to go until finish, 7 until I'm clear for a birth center birth (not that I think she'll be early!).  Coming right along!


Setapart1979 said…
Lots of good stuff here! YAY for settling back in at home, getting into routines & the blessing of new things gifted & found for great deals! Praying for much strength for these last weeks of pregnancy & for your days! Love all the last of the vacation photos... the belly shot with your little lady peeking over is awesome not too mention your little man with cute little belly mowing the lawn! :-)
Candi said…
I love this post! The photo of your girly peeking over baby sister's current spot it just adorable. That will be one to treasure! Your savings are just awesome! I am in the stage of being done with my baby things and passing them on to others or selling them - it feels so great to pay those blessings forward to mothers who can use the things I've had! I'm glad someone blessed YOU with all of the fun "unnecessaries" - although I think the swing basically rated as a need for me, I used it so much for the first few months with each one (and then not at all after that! LOL)!

Your pinterest projects are awesome. I really loved the adorable prints on old burp cloths. That's a perfect way to "girl" them up! So excited for you edging toward the finish line and meeting your precious new girl!

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