Vacation Bits

Vacation bits and pieces .  .

Went to PA for 5 days, to visit Jeremiah's family.  His dad is almost 88 and has numerous health issues, largly related to congestive heart failure.  In June he fell, leading to him being placed in a "nursing home" type of place- at the moment it's temporary, as a "rehabilitation" center.  While our time wasn't necessarily emotionally or physically restful, it was important and was a good trip.  We had good visits with both his parents, Jeremiah was able to feel useful by helping out with a few household things and the kids got some good time in with grandparents.

I was a little shocked how insensitive people can be . . . Jeremiah had multiple people lecturing him/trying to tell him what he (his parents) need to do (concerning the future), etc.  As if we hadn't already been working through it, talking about it, etc.  You know, great advice like "just quit your job and live here."  Right.  Because being unemployed would be very helpful to all involved.  Sigh.  I know the people love Jer and were doing it from good motives . . . but it was a good reminder that all the "motives" in the world don't change the true effect of our words.  I came home with a renewed motivation to not offer advice if I'm not asked.  Or at least try not to!

But all in all, good trip.  His dad is in a nice facility (small) and his mom is in great shape (she's 68) and has done a fantastic job taking care of the house.  The only real help they need, is someone to drive her back and forth during the day . . . .and their church has done an amazing job of stepping up and doing that!  So good to see the "church" filling it's role!

And now we're back in NY until the 17th.  Lots of relaxing planned and that's just about it! We "celebrated" today by going to the "rock beach" (Lake Ontario) and the kids could have stayed there playing with rocks forever!  Shannon had a cold last week and seems better- Forest has had a fever for two days but managed to keep going all day today!

Picking veggies from Papa's garden . . . 

 Ice cream!

 Strawberries from the garden!

Enjoying the "4th" at the lake!

I did bring our planning materials for school . . . hoping to get a good chunk of planning done for Shannon's K year, which starts in August!  I spent some good time tonight reading words of wisdom from "been there, done that" moms with 10+ years of homeschooling experience, each!  Best things I got from them, that hopefully will help us (writing them down here so I don't forget!):
1.  Set a routine and stick with it.  School time is for school- not chores, housework, etc.  
2.  Pick materials for the year and use them.  (not changing mid-year, don't read what other people are using,  etc.)
3.  Keep it simple.  Kindergarten is for learning to read, write and math.  All the other fun stuff is fun . . . won't add to the quality of their life (all those paper "projects?"  fluff!).  It's not bad but it's to be added AFTER the 3 important things are done.

I know this will be a huge year of learning for us, but it's exciting.  Like anything else huge, I'm sure it will challenge my discipline, self-control, patience, diligence . . . and keep me begging God for help.  A good place to be!

27 weeks and counting . . . and wow, it's like a flip switched the second I hit "third trimester!"  I still feel good but whew, I sure wear out faster and feel bigger!  And holy mother of heartburn!  Yikes!

Last Wednesday, I had the wonderful, wonderful privilege of meeting up with my friend Melissa!  We met many (5?) years ago, online, through blogging of all things.  We've now had the chance to meet for the past three summers "in person," and it is such a delight.  She just happens to share my love for pictures and was so, so, so sweet to take pictures of our family.  Here are a few favorites I dragged off of facebook!

And I guess that's it for now!


Setapart1979 said…
It was neat to read about your vacation so far! For all the highs and lows it sounds like it's been a good time away! I'm sorry that people have been so free with their opinions friend. I appreciated what you shared about not giving advice unless asked as that's the lesson I've learned from being on the receiving end myself too many times! I continue to pray for Jeremiah's dad & it's good to hear that you guys got to spend time with him & his Mom. I'm always glad to hear about churches ministering to their members in such helpful ways! Yay for lots of relaxing & time to prepare for the coming season! It sounds like great if ice from seasoned homeschooling moms and I'll be praying for you friend in all that's set before you plus for much strength for your third trimester & beyond! The pictures are wonderful & it makes a family photos even more special knowing that Melissa took them! You look great friend and I love all your cute outfits! She captured your beautiful family so well! I sure wish I can meet you ladies! Hugs!

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