Being a Domestic

So as my life slowly continues to get back to normal (after being pregnant and having a baby . . . who figured it would take this long?) . . . I am getting back into cooking. Maybe it's just the weather. Either way, it's nice. Jer was gone all day today, Shannon took some nice naps and I cooked!

I have one of those cookbooks that's great for reading but I rarely cook out of it. Well, I have been hankering to make some kind of "bean soup" so I pulled it out. I found a recipe that seemed really yummy and then I started making it and thought "have I gone crazy?" But once it was done . . . .and I tasted it . . . OH MY! It was soo good! And then I realized how amazingly good for you it was, too! So I'm sharing it. Seriously, it sounds weird, I don't necessarily even like sweet potatoes. But trust me on this one, this is one d
arn good soup! Serve with hot bread and I think it would be even more amazing. (Pictures to come in a little while, but it's a bright and fresh looking soup) **Click on the picture to see and read it in a large size)


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