Yeah, that's what I think I'm supposed to be learning right now. Yesterday our water was shut off from 8:45 until 3:30 pm! Because a truck driver ran over some pipes. Okay, so I had a bad attitude about it.

I wanted to take a shower.
I wanted to wash my three loads of dirty, smelly laundry.
I wanted to cook lunch.
I wanted to be able to feed Shannon and then wash her up.
I wanted to go grocery shopping (but wouldn't go out so nasty and gross).

Okay, so I didn't get to do any of that and struggled with a very bad attitude all day.

Today is a new day. Time to do laundry and that shopping. Man walks in the door at 8am to ask Jer to shut the water off in 15 minutes. Oh boy, now my joy was really stirred up. I had a load in the washing machine and hadn't showered yet. That gave me just enough time to shower, frantically wash my dishes, fill the bathtub with water for cleaning, flushing toilets, etc.

While in the shower I realized I have an entitlement problem. Just like I always get on my boys for. I think I'm entitled to water when I want it. To do my laundry when I feel like it. To always have my morning shower.

Twenty-two countries in Africa are without safe drinking water.

In parts of Latin America, unless you are wealthy you don't have access to water.

2/3 of the cities in Northern China are starting to have water scarcity problems.

75% of India's waterways and rivers are grossly polluted.

80% of China's waterways and rivers are polluted as well.

And I'm complaining because I can't take my shower when I want or do my laundry when I want.

Thanks for the wake up call, God.

So today- grocery shopping, playing with Shannon, some scrapbooking. Maybe laundry when the water comes on. And work on my attitude.

(National Geographic)


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