Random title, got it from a post on my brother's facebook. Not all together random . . . kids are both in bed and sleeping. Our bed is made with freshly washed sheets & pillowcases. Dishes are done. And I've already exercised for the day.

Each one of those things is special in it's own way.

Kids in bed and sleeping . . . After "talking" to Shannon about her toddler bed and trying to figure out if she'd EVER be ready for it when I needed her to be (when Forest outgrows his mini co-sleeper), I completely spur-of-the-moment decided today when changing sheets, to put all her stuffed animals, etc. into the bed and put her in it at naptime. No transition, nothing. And she was GREAT! In fact, all afternoon she kept saying "yeahhhh Shanny!" which was my cheer for her! And now she's sleeping in there for bedtime. Thank you GOD! Forest is sleeping too . . . I've directed his sleep a lot more than Shan's. Firstborns you can do whatever and go with the flow, second kids have to be directed a bit more so that mom's can have some sanity! By the way, ever since I wrote that post a few days ago, he's been doing so much better!

Bed made with freshly washed sheets & pillowcases . . . I bought my first NEW bedding in my ENTIRE life in November! Sad, huh? Anyway, I didn't even buy the cheapest either but picked out something I loved from Ikea. And for Christmas, my mom sent a package of EIGHT pillowcases in beautiful colors and the softest cotton ever (like the expensive, silky cotton). My bed looks so pretty and I can't believe I was 31 before I had bedding that no one else had ever slept under!

Dishes are done . . . courtesy of my husband.

Exercised for the day . . . I don't post much about this topic and feel free to skip this section. The public, in general, doesn't want to hear about "skinny" people exercising. If you are smaller than someone else, they just talk about how you don't need to. Okay, so yeah, my weight now is probably less than most people ever are. But that doesn't mean I have to be content with the extra padding and can't improve. I want to get back in shape, toned, etc. I'm about 120 right now, pre-Forest I was down to 112ish and pre-Shannon I was about 108. I'd be happy back down to the 112 and honestly don't care about the number as long as I know I'm back in shape. Hence the "couch to 5k" running program. (Disclaimer, I used to be a runner in high school, so it's not that completely foreign to me. I was part of a state record-breaking 4x100 sprinting team and did cross-country to "keep in shape.") Anyway! I haven't really ran since high school and have shocked myself at how good it feels to be doing it again!

So there you have it! We did have a nice Christmas and are enjoying this break SO, SO much! I've been doing lots of playing with the kids, reading and working on projects around the house. Feels so good! Also thinking long and hard about goals for this coming year.

Shannon playing with her magnadoodle (her Christmas present- we don't do lots of gifts, don't believe in it, don't want it and thankfully our families don't overwhelm us either- she got a pretty wooden puzzle and a book from my parents).

Shannon and I making "golf balls," a traditional cookie in my family for several (3?) generations.

I stole Janet's idea of matching Christmas pjs this year (it was SO hard to find 0-3 size that matches 12 month size!). I picked these out a few weeks ago and I love them because Shannon calls Christmas "Happy Jesus" (as in Happy Birthday) . . . a great way to remember that! Again, Shannon being cute and Forest being a slug!

Christmas pictures . . . I have a few that are better than this, but I love her intense studying of his hand :)


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