Vacation thoughts

In no particular order . . .

* our boys are GONE! In 15 short minutes of {controlled chaos} our house went from 14 people, to 4 people!

* Forest slept from 10 until 6:15 this morning . . . on his first day of being two months old. I don't know how this tiny person can be that old already, he seems so NEW to me still.

* Shannon talks so fast and so much . . . don't you wonder where she gets it from?

* I just finished my second week of the "couch to 5k" (google it if you don't know) . . . and am so proud of myself for running again. Maybe I'll be that speedy person I was in high school again!

Vacation means time for . . .

scrapbooking, cooking real breakfasts without rushing because the boys are coming home, cooking lunches AND dinners, getting caught up on stuff around the house, spending lots and lots of time together laughing/wrestling/reading stories, taking naps.

And Merry Christmas!

To start my vacation off, a few pages:


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