Welcome 2010

HAPPY 2010! An exciting night here- washing dishes, updating my blog and then reading about Mountaineering Disasters! But Christmas vacation is good for lots of things- sleeping in, baking goodies, playing together, organizing the house, not getting dressed, dreaming of plans for a new year and of course doing scrapbook pages!

This is my latest and current favorite, I love this paper and of course who can resist baby smiles?

First, I wanted to capture/save my wonderful memories of childhood Christmases. If you look closely, you can see some VERY geeky pictures of us!

An attempt to stay caught on on Forest's "month by month" album!

A good reminder to the "work" part of me- it's amazing how Shannon always chooses to love the *most* difficult kid in the cottage, the most!

And a page "for fun" - some of my favorite photos of this sweet girl!

Hope your entrance into another year is safe and special. Stay tuned for a very REAL look into life at the Gordon house, hopefully coming tomorrow!


The Kelley's said…
Yeah Erika! I'm impressed! My poor family, I rarely blog. Now you'll have me back tomorrow ;)
Mom said…
You are so gifted not only with writing down your thoughts but putting them together with photography!!! I do think you exaggerated... the stocking gifts weren't always in the wrong ones!!! the hardest part was always finding the stuff that had been hidden for months, sometimes I found gifts after Christmas. We really enjoyed not doing gifts this year. love and see you soon.

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