Day 2

A lesson in flexibility.

6:40- kids wake up, play in bed, make breakfast

9- Forest down for nap, head out in torrential downpour to Home Depot, with Shannon. Buy chalkboard paint, paint brushes, mini-blind. Home, start gathering up things to take to the other house (toys, etc.). Finish loads of diapers. Wonder if rain will ever stop.

10:30 Forest finally wakes up, all pack up to go to other house. Finish painting pantry, feed Forest on living room floor, socialize, talk over plans with Aunt Faye.

12:00 - Home for lunch . . . find out that Jer is now tied up with pick-ups for the rest of the day, meaning I'm stuck at home while kids nap. Irritated and frustrated. Finish lunch, Forest down for nap.

1:30- Shannon down for nap, Forest awake. Spend next two hours doing small projects while entertaining him. Clean off desk, bills, start Shannon's Easter project, put laundry away, finish skirt for pantry closet, load up car.

3:30- Forest asleep.

4:00- Wake Shannon up

4:30- Load both kids into car to go to New House. Fill pantry shelves with food. Laugh as Shanon then moves all the food around but has SO much fun doing it.

6:00- Home . . . neighbor's house is "backed up" and Jer has to help out (takes until 7:30). Dinner. Bedtimes for kids.

8:00- Head back to New House. Sand craft closet shelves. Trim inside closet and hallway.

10:00 Home, update blog. Bed.


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