Since this is all I can seem to manage for now, time-wise, it will have to do!

Outside my window... beautiful sunshine and warm weather!!!!!

I am thinking... will the house be mine?

I am thankful for... a wonderful husband who loves to take Shannon outside to play. Good for her and good for mommy!

From the learning rooms...Forest- re-learning how to go to sleep by himself, Shannon- how to get what she wants around the house without always needing mom & dad, by carrying her little chair around to climb up on. A good thing except when she walks into the room carrying mommy's camera. Oops!

From the kitchen... not much, today is clean-out-the-fridge and make a grocery list day.

I am wearing... a pretty spring-green shirt {new} from the thrift store and my {old ratty} jeans.

I am creating... the Ranch yearbook . . . the girl in charge is suddenly leaving and now I am responsible to pull together a 48 page book in three weeks. Major attitude adjustment in play here, also.

I am going... to take a shower as soon as Forest is asleep.

I am reading... "Nothing to Envy. Ordinary Lives in North Korea." I am, without question, the queen of random reading. No really, I am. I go through our library's online list of new books and pick random ones to read. I have learned SO much over the years from reading anything and everything. I've ready poorly written {good} information and well-written junk. I've learned about different cultures, foods, crafts and a zillion other random and sometimes useless things. This book is great! It's {hard} because it's real, but it's good because it helps you understand life in another part of the world . . . communist and so oppressed North Korea. I suggest you check it out.

I am hoping... for "the house."

I am hearing... nothing- two babies sleeping at the same time!?!?! Should I shower or sleep . . .

Around the house... a sort of semi-orderly-ness. Laundry in progress, dishes actually washed!

One of my favorite things... dark chocolate in the fridge from Jer, when I asked him to "bring me a treat."

A few plans for the rest of the week: work on the yearbook, wait to hear about "the house," perhaps get together with my friend Hannah, grocery shop, play outside!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... {I'm loving this photo-action for the moment, that's why I'm going all random on you}

Forest, sporting it for SU!

Shannon in Forest's jumper!


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