We're Moving!

We're moving in two weeks to a new cottage, here at the Ranch! It has an extra bedroom, bathroom, pantry, full kitchen, etc.

You don't have to read but I need somewhere to keep track of what's going on and remind myself that I *am* getting things done!

We'll call today officially "Day 1" of our move-project. We decided to skip church today and be a family, since church is NOT family time, instead is me hanging out with Forest usually, and we are very unhappy with the children's ministry at church. Last night Jer did go with me to the house and we spent about an hour walking through, talking, dreaming, planning. His big idea- buy a new couch! We've never, ever bought new furniture, so this is fun!

Today . . .

7 am- kids woke up, played in bed together, made breakfast (chocolate peanut butter oatmeal), folded laundry, played around

9 am- took Shannon over to the New House to open windows to air it out from last-night's "flea bomb," came home to shower, dress, make beds, get ready to go shopping, wash a lot of dishes

10:30 - IKEA! Picked out a couch and tabled that we'd like, bought new sheets for Shannon's bed, mini-plants for my NEW kitchen windows!, fun fabric for my pantry, and a few other odds and ends

12:30- home- make lunch, clean up around here, put both kids down for naps

2:00 - Start painting pantry shelves (top, bottom, sides, etc) a brilliant white!

3:30 - Back home- Forest awake. Then Shannon awake (4pm). Play with them for a while, then start filling extra laundry baskets with food from our "pantry" that we won't necessarily need in the next two weeks. Make a pile in the dayroom of the three laundry baskets, extra appliances, etc. to be moved over tomorrow. Dinner (pizza hut). Play with kids in their bedroom. Box up craft supplies. Wash more dishes. Play with kids. Bedtime for both kids.

7:30 - Head back to New House. Finish painting pantry, vacuum living room and bedroom. Experiment with wall-paper removal in bathroom. Poke around kids bathroom to see what needs to be done (A LOT).

9:20 - Back home. Tired. Update blog. Go to bed.


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