A little of this and a little of that

Yikes, can you believe this is what I looked like one year ago?????

Amazing how time flies, huh?

I thought I'd take a few minutes to update you on our "goings-on." We'll start youngest to oldest!

FOREST - Walking. Seriously. Why does a 10 month old (well now almost 11) think he needs to walk? He is the funniest little guy and continues to be in love with all things "boy" - cars, balls, trucks, moving things, bugs. Loves to wrestle and "yell" at Shannon when she's being loud. AND he loves his Momma. When we're in the cafeteria for dinner, he panics a bit if someone else is holding him and he can't see me. I love that! The baby stage lasts for such a short time, I'm trying to soak up all the "neediness" and enjoy it!

His newest thing is riding in this push-car.

Or getting into trouble with mom, for not sitting down!

He really is into "tech-decking" which you probably don't know what that is unless you have a house full of boys! (It's doing skate-board tricks with your fingers)

SHANNON- IS POTTY TRAINED! After peeing on herself and the floor for two weeks, she suddenly realized she had "invisible muscles" and she could control them! We're on week THREE of no accidents! Seriously, it clicked on day and she never went back. Amazing. And just when I was about to put her back in diapers for the rest of her life.

She continues to be my sweet princess girl- adores anything pink, princess, etc. BUT she can get dirty with the best of them, which is my dream come true! A girl who plays in the dirt but with a dress on!

Her heart for God continues to grow. One day her head was on the table and she looked so sad. I said, "what's wrong?" She responded with "I just so sad. I need Jesus in my heart to help me. I need him to obey me" (Translated: I need him to help me obey.) Anyway, I love that her heart and mind are being molded toward God at such a young age.

She gets lots of energy out using her new handles from Ikea!

ME- Oh where to begin? I've been terribly homesick for about two weeks now. It's been 14 years since I left for college . . . and I think I'm more homesick right now than I have been since then. Like seriously I think my heart aches sometimes I want to be home so bad. I'm not really sure what brought it on or exactly WHY . . . other than if I could scrape up enough money and more than a day to go, I'd be there!

On a positive note, I do feel like life is falling back in place again. It is amazing to me how HARD life with little babies, here at the Ranch can be. Trying to keep a house of 10 boys AND my little ones all going is hard. But things are falling into place. Our routine has helped and we're eating regular meals- good meals! That means happy family and happy checkbook! The house is getting clean and we're having lots of good time together.

I'm finding time to read- I love reading so much I actually pass up scrapbooking to do so!

JEREMIAH- Is doing well and enjoying another new hobby (model trains). He is amazing with the boys and just thriving in his role as temporary Dad to them.

Well, I'll leave you with a few recent pictures of our recent goings-on.

The kids favorite game to play while I make lunch- hide under the table (covered with a black sheet). Here, Forest is chasing to find Shannon, and pardon the lack of clothes :)

Our amazing backyard!


Mindy said…
Your kiddos are cute! Glad you are all doing well. I'm praying for your homesickness!

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