New Things

Remember this barren wasteland? This sad little space being used for nothing?

Look at it now!!!!! We've come a long way and still have a long way to go, but it's slowly filling up with wonderful hopes of wonderful things to eat! I love this time of year in Florida, we're starting so many new plants and yet it's warm enough that they are growing super fast.

And speaking of the garden, F is asleep which means it's time for Shannon and I go to check on the garden. Pull some weeds. Check to see if we need to water. Enjoy seeing what new things are poking out of the ground. Kill giant grasshoppers if necessary. Oh you don't think that's very nice? Well if you find a guy like this:

in your garden, getting fat on YOUR plants, you'd kill him too.

I did take the pictures of Shannon's room for her room post and hopefully later today or tomorrow I can get them up. Today is our family day, so we're off to Joann Fabrics for crafty stuff for me (I have a whole post on that saved, too!) and the bookstore for Jer & Shannon!


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