Shannon's Room!

Welcome to Shannon's room! This is actually one of my favorite rooms in the house and easily where we spend most of our playtime. When you walk into her room from the hallway, this is what you see (and yes, the child reading by her bookshelf is usually the sight you see).

A closer view of the bookshelf:

We collect books, as I have mentioned. You can't ever have too many! The pink basket on the second shelf is filled with necklaces, bracelets, crowns (headbands). The big white basket on the bottom contains those random toys that inevitably find their way into our house. On top of the shelf are her castle (from Daddy, via the flea market), an antique doll from my mom and other random trinkets.

If you stand by the bookshelf and look back, this is the view.

Looking closer at this side of the room we see Shannon's bed and her "art line."

Here you see her bed, with barely enough room for her. She keeps her radio, water cup and a wide assortment of animals and critters in bed with her. Oh yeah and don't forget alligator. Should he fall off at night, it necessitates a call to mom to get him back in bed. HA!

One of our big toys, is this wonderful tree-house! We got it {FREE} and later found out it's a $140 Melissa and Doug toy! Waahooo! I love stuff like this-wooden instead of tacky bright colors and we use it for all sorts of imaginative play.

And as you can see, Forest loves it too! The closets in this room are great- Shan's is the one on the left and the one on the right contains all Jer's mountain gear, books, etc. Dirty clothes are in the basket inbetween.

If you stand by Shan's bed and look at the opposite corner, this is the view - the kitchen and mirror, where the rest of our time is spent!

So there you have it! I adore this precious room and we have so much fun playing with the "stuff" but also dancing and wrestling in the middle of the room!

What I love about this room . . . most of the things (I would say 90% + ) were gifts, thrifted or free! The kitchen was made from pieces of a kitchen that my friend Janet had for her daughter, in Malaysia. The bed- Craigslist, the shelf from my brother. The framed prints I had done way back in Malaysia from a calendar. Bedding was new (surprise!) from Ikea and I made the curtain. The few things we did buy were Shannon's gifts- the table for her 2nd birthday and the cupboard under her sink for her 1st. Waahoo for free & cheap!


Anonymous said…
It looks wonderful Erika!!!! I will be coming to play there in about 46 days!!!!

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