Sharing Time

Okay, sharing time. I've kept track of some of my favorite "finds" this week (online) to share with you. Really, these are some great treasures, check them out! (Oh and each photo is taken from that particular website, they aren't mine).

Rhythm of the Home - this is actually a great collection of various articles, crafty ideas and such. There are some things that don't jive with what I believe {mostly spiritually} but some of the nature and household ideas for kids are AMAZING. You want to click on the different tabs (warmth, play, celebration, etc.) to see the different collections of ideas.

Ruffled Skirts Tutorial- Oh my, if you have a daughter of any age, you NEED this tutorial to make a wonderfully ruffled skirt! I think this is even do-able for the most basic of semstresses. I'm super excited to make one of these for Shannon and may even go buy new fabric to do it (instead of using the scraps around my house). I'm thinking browns and greens for a fall skirt?

Twirly Skirt Tutorial- Okay, so sewing has been on my mind this week. But seriously, look at how adorable this skirt is!!!!! And wait until you see what fabric I'm using to make one for Shannon (it's recycled).

Homemade Yogurt- Okay, hear me out on this one. Ever have a surplus of milk? Powdered milk? We are getting a lot of extra milk right now for free (story for another day) and I think I might give this a try. We love yogurt and what would be better than essentially free?

What should a 4 year old know? - I have a lot to say on this topic, but I'll keep it brief. Comparing children to other children is not healthy for the kids! I find moms of my generation and younger are really good at worrying about everything . . . especially that their kid is going to be "behind." Behind who I may ask? Anyway, here is a good article on the subject.

EDIT: OOps! I deleted an important paragraph here- I am not talking about legit situations where you know or strongly suspect for good reasons that a child is behind. For sure it's important to understand basic milestones to make sure kids are okay!

The Case for Memorization- Another excellent article about the importance of memory work in young kids. Again, our generation (and younger) hates any hard work, but I think this is something we're going to really work to encourage in our family. More on what we're working on later.


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