The Christmas season is just about upon us! I **adore** Christmas . . . I love that we can celebrate our Savior's birth. I love the smells, the sounds and the sights of Christmas. The smells of evergreen trees, cranberries, baking cookies. Sounds of Christmas songs . . . I could listen to Kenny G Christmas all year! And the sights! I LOVE sparkling Christmas lights, pretty packages and beautiful Christmas dresses.

I love counting down to Christmas. Each year I usually do a basic paper-chain count-down with my boys. Something simple like this. {Okay, mine are paper, not pretty stitching like this.}

A couple of years ago, I made a set of "Advent Boxes." I got the idea, like half of America, from crafty-genuis, Ali Edwards. You can see hers over here: LOOK AT ME.

Mine look a bit more "vintage," like this:

They are super simple to make- I bought the chipboard boxes, circles and ovals from Michaels. Made up the designs on the computer and printed them out. They looked this this:

Cut them out, use a glue called "Mod Podge" to keep them down. Once dry, Mod Podge them again to really "seal the deal" and make them last! I use thumb-tacks to keep mine on a small cork board. Fill with something :)

Before we get to the "fill with something" part, I want to give you some great links for inspiration. Ideas for what kind of advent collection YOU might want this year! Beware, these ideas are amazing and may steal you away from your family for long periods of time!

24 Advent Calendar Ideas

Last Years' Calendar Ideas

Okay, this has gotten long enough for one night! Next will be some ideas (if you need them) for verses and activities to go inside. And if no one finds them useful, **I** have all my ideas in one location, since I see to look for them every year!


Cali Cakes said…
I have got to make some of those boxes for Shiloh! I love them!
Mod Podge Amy said…
Cute!! I'm loving advent calendars right now - I just did one myself!

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