Of sundries and such.

Whew, that about sums it up . . . after another very, very long day with a 2 minute break between 6:45 am and 8:30 pm. Some days I just have to laugh at the craziness that is my life.

You know- making sure 7 boys have the correct clothes on for breakfast, make their beds properly, do chores the right way (D, don't drag the sheets on the ground!).

Use table manners (D, how can you forget silverware? Yes, go get some, it will be kind of hard to eat without it!).

Learn to deal with being at the Ranch in an appropriate manner (D, we do not need to boo-hoo about our mom all day long. Do you hear the other boys doing it? They miss their moms just as much as you do.).

Play with each other nicely in the living room, on a Sunday in which we have to be inside all day. You know- follow the rules for UNO, talk with indoor voices, don't whip each other with ropes intended for learning to tie knots, put books away when finished looking at them. You know, just the basics.

And then there are my kids. Who are learning everything about life . . . and need supervised every second, lest an older child sumo-wrestle the younger child on the wooden floors. Just wait Shannon, give Forest 6 months and you'll be begging for mercy!

Teaching Forest not to throw toys (or food at Uncle Earl in the dining hall).

Helping Shannon practice talking kindly and gently to people, instead of growling. And understanding that it's okay for Gramma to correct her, we don't have to burst into life-ending tears because we got corrected!

Trying to get laundry done, dishes kept up with or at least counters cleaned.

Whew, I'm tired just typing this all out. Life is good, just very, very full right now. Good just full. Sorry, I keep saying that over and over . . . sometimes I have to remind myself about it! I know this season won't last forever, but boy, there are days when my happy place in my head is a very good place!

My mom is here right now, which is amazing. We get along wonderfully and seriously, if I had a way that she could live with us forever, I'd do it. I think she's been shocked at how insane (noisy, crazy) life is right now, but she's enjoying her little grandbabies! We had a quick over-night to Daytona Beach this last week, which was amazing. And now, I leave you with this . . . I have some fun scrap-news coming up, but maybe later this week.

Okay, the pictures aren't working . . . maybe tomorrow.


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