Thanksgiving Wrap

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, we did! It was pretty short this year (boys returned on Saturday afternoon), but we did manage to have some nice time together as just a family! Our "big" event ended up being a family photo-shoot. All of a sudden on Thanksgiving morning, I realized I had not yet taken our "pumpkin hat" pictures . . . that I had mom especially make a hat for the purpose of! So we got dressed in semi-coordinating {fall} colors and headed off across the Ranch to the one spot {our old front yard} where it looks like fall. And then I forgot the hats and Jer had to go home to get them.

So I set up the tripod, for my own benefit and it ended up being the best idea EVER. Shannon came over and wanted to push the button and we ended up with some great (and some funny) pictures. Without further ado . . . without the usual editing and such . . . all I did was a bit of cropping (especially when mommy was squatting and forgot she had a skirt on . . . ). Enjoy!

Finally, a family picture we love!

One of my favorite pictures of the day . . . Forest just cracks me up!

The "my daughter has amazing eyes" shot.

I think I made Forest's day, in the form of a green lolly (or wee-wee pop in Shan-guage).

This just cracks me up!

Pumpkin heads!

The best thing in the world. I know it sounds cliche, but I waited a LONG time to become a mom and these two are the best thing in the world!

Taken by photographer-in-training, Shannon.

Doing a perfect leaf dance!

A behind-the-scenes look at the photographer, and her assistant.


Fred said…
these pictures are wonderful!!! You should take the show on the road!!!

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