Change is in the Air

Can you feel it? The year is coming to an end. 2010. There is an excitement in the air- a freshness, a newness. The calendar flips to a new year and somehow it seems like everything starts new and fresh again. Resolutions. Goals. Evaluations. Change. New starts. I love it!

Even though I often feel like my "new year" is actually in July, there is definitely something still amazing about starting a new calendar year. Something makes me want to hold my breath in anticipation. I feel excited, ready.

I'm already thinking of things I'd like to do in this next year. I have been so inspired by hand-made crafting this year and have a list of things I'd like to try.

felting wool by hand
make a felted fairy garden for our gnome princesses
try the Panera sourdough recipe
new veggies in the garden
making an apron

For now it is still early December. The holidays are here. Can you feel it? Our house is filled with pretty decorations from door to door. The smells are bursting through the {open for now} windows. Cinnamon. Peppermint. Chocolate. Peanut butter. Kenny G is coming through the speakers. Lights twinkle. The eyes of my kids reflect the amazement.

They don't really have a clue what's going on. Shannon things everything is so beautiful. Forest loves to poke the nose of the snowman {fake} outside. It's just a lot of fun!

Our Advent calendar and activities have been a blast. Here are some pictures from last week.

Advent Calendar hung and ready to open! I changed it a bit this year by adding some pretty wrapping paper {Ikea} behind the boxes.

Our "feed the birds and squirrels" project was a blast . . . however the birds aren't eating our treats!!! I don't know if they are just dumb because they are southern birds? At least they look pretty hanging in the trees.

We had a great time using lots of glitter, making these wreaths for our inside doors. I'm still finding glitter on the table.

We had a chance to go to "Celebration" {the Stepford Wives type town that Disney built where real people live in a fancy-ritzy-we're perfect type of life} to see fake snow! It was cold that night and we had SO MUCH FUN!

And since Forest doesn't get enough air-time around here . . .this is what he can usually be found doing!


Cali Cakes said…
I love your pictures! I know the feeling about having a new calender...its one of my favorite parts of a new year. And I totally want to try hand felting too!!

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