Merry Christmas

I have so many thoughts from today and this past week, swirling around. Our vacation started with us all sick (stomach thing) and it pretty much wiped me out for two straight days. No puking, just wishing I could! Since then we've been playing all day and sewing all night! We had an amazing day together today and I pushed the "guilt" aside and did nothing today- played, read and cooked! Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a trifle crazy, since we leave on Monday for my MOM'S house . . . and I haven't done much cleaning or packing in a week! But that's okay! For now, the reason for my web-absense . . . this amazing felt playhouse for Shannon. (It's 5 feet x 5 feet x 5 feet). I have a lot of tales to tell about this, but for now, just pictures. (If you have questions, leave them in the comments and when I get to the details of the house, I can answer them).

The front door- mailbox on the left (complete with felt mail that my mom made) and flower barrel on the right. There are a bunch of flowers (again, mom-made) for the barrel. The sign says "Shannon's Place."

The castle. The stone will actually have a foam sword (as in, the Sword and the Stone).

By far, Shannon's favorite place, the Garden. We have a huge carrot, radishes, lettuce and pumpkins to go in the garden. Shannon usually has me sit inside while she "works in the garden."

My mom made about 10 apples for the tree and Jer sewed a squirrel.


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