Outside my window… The weather is amazing. Low 80's, sunny and clear. This next month helps me enjoy life in Florida. The garden is moving along slowly, the flowers are in bloom.

I am thinking… about lots of things. Parenting. Living in community while trying to parent my children, alongside other parents trying to do the same with their children . . . and how it affects us all. Some days I like it, most days not. Trying to stay positive about it all.

I am thankful for… physical protection of my children. Shannon fell today and got her first "bad boo-boo" of her life- a HUGE fat lip and scratches under her nose and up the right side of her face. Thankful that's the worst we've had in three years. And no illnesses other than colds or random fevers for either of them. Thank you God.

From the kitchen… Italian bread yesterday. Amazing raspberry scones last week, recipe and pictures coming soon.

I am wearing… well, I need to shower and change, but for now, jeans (that need to be replaced because they are too big), a pink shirt with a grey tank underneath. After shower I'll have shorts on :)

I am creating… a pretty world-themed hallway. We have this random hallway "room" in between Shannon and Forest's rooms, with an additional door going into another closet and the 4th door going in the cottage. The walls in there were a GRUNGY gray-white color, with none of the four door-knobs matching, a dirty light-fixture and terribly stained & dirty tile floors. Because we don't spend time in there but rather just pass through, this area has been ignored. Until now. NOW the walls sport a soothing-yet-cheery yellow color. All four doors will soon be painted a bright white. It's starting to look bright and cheery!

I am reading… Mission of Motherhood- favorite "parenting" book to date. "For the Children's Sake" by Susan Macaulay. "A book about what education can be- for your child, in your home, and in your school. It is based first on a Christian understanding of what it means to be human . . . and on the Christian meaning of life."

I am hoping… my library books get delivered today and Forest's new diapers come in the mail!

I am hearing… nothing. Both kids are sleeping. :)

Around the house… unmade bed (too much snuggling going on pre-nap), dishes need to be done (next on my list), Valentine's decor needs to come down and St.Patrick's up!

One of my favorite things… Jer REALLY wanted to bring me something from Chick-fil-A so I have a yummy peppermint milkshake in front of me.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Not sure what's up for tomorrow. Friday Jer is going to a train-show all day, so just a normal day for us. Boys go home and then we enjoy a peaceful home-weekend!


Anonymous said…
from Mom: I love reading this, and seeing pictures of you and the kids!!! Can't wait to see you in person, although it's still below 20 here, so it will be way too hot for me!!! love...

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