Spring is coming! The signs are all around me . . .

- the lake is starting to emit that wonderful, warm "lake" smell, especially in the evenings. I could sit and sniff all night long.

- dirty, dirty feet at the end of the day. flip-flops in piles around the house. sand piles from emptied-out shoes by the bathtub.

- windows open, light breezes blowing through. A/C on at night to cool the house back down.

- blankets piled by the door, evidence of snuggling outside.

I love it! Florida goes very quickly from spring to summer, but I enjoy these few weeks of perfect weather. Sun is shining, air is warm, pollen is dripping from the trees. We've had a blast hanging out this week, getting ready to start a weekend but wanted to share a few precious moments.

Oh yeah, and we live ON a LAKE! Every once and a while I stop and realize that we have lake-front property! Granted, it's in Florida . . . not the mountains, but wow, people pay a lot of money for the amazing view out my backyard, that I get paid to have! Funny how life goes on and we forget about these little blessings, the little bits of heaven we are surrounded with. Thank you God for an amazing view of the water, and the feeling of freedom and refreshment that it brings with it.

This is where we do our hanging-out, in the backyard. The barn is a storage area and we have lots of balls in it. The kids like driving the plastic cars down that "hill" you see by the laundry pad. (Okay, doesn't look like a hill in the picture, but trust me on this one)


This week we brought our other love outside . . . books.



(I think Forest is practicing the "saggy-baggy" skin from the book here)

(Forest thinks that when we read together, he has to be UNDER me. Yeah, it's special trying not to kill your child while reading to him.)


See how close we are to the lake?


We're really happy about it!



Happy Weekending!


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