For Today

FOR TODAY- Simple goals including washing dishes and updating my blog. Took me until 3 pm to get the blog updated. Just one of those mornings. :)

Outside my window... It's really dark and gloomy. Guess it's going to be an inside day.

I am thinking... about our plan for the day. What craft to do? How to order our day to find time for play, cleaning, creating, resting, dancing and learning.

I am thankful for... a morning off, even if the kids DO wake up an hour early every Thursday morning. Chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast and Barney on TV. A new {used} car- small and orange.


From the learning rooms... Shannon- learning to cut with her first pair of scissors, sorting & pouring with Valentine's-colored beans. Forest- making lines with cars :)





From the kitchen... chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast (and a huge heap for the freezer), home-roasted-beef sliced for sandwiches, frozen pizzas for lunch.

I am wearing... black leggings, pink flouncy skirt and a black t-shirt. My newly customized necklace.


I am creating... Valentine's cards, felt flower-hair bows. Decided to "dig" into my digital stash and just create pages for me- not for creative teams or challenges (though I enjoy both) but just use random stuff. And I really enjoyed myself.

I am reading... "Last Child in the Woods" - how less time in nature affects children today, "Mission of Motherhood," cooking magazines.

I am hearing..."I could visit the fish, anytime I wish, if I lived under the sea." Barney

Around the house... laundry to put away, hallway I really want to paint bright yellow.

One of my favorite things...




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