Inside Secrets!

One of my good {internet} friends recently posted pictures of her nice, cleaned-out refrigerator. It is always fun to spy into other people's lives, huh? Okay, well at least I think so. I mean, how often can you stand and stare inside someone's fridge and not have them think you are strange?

So in the interest of equal-opportunity, I decided to post the same. Except I didn't clean mine out first. Yikes! So here is a real-time shot of what the inside looked like last week. Followed by my oh-so-interesting commentary.


Top shelf- can of opened re-fried beans, tin-foil covered rabbit and tin-foil covered chicken (leftovers), eye-of-round roast waiting in the back to be cooked and purple-topped sippy cup. Eggs.

Middle shelf- cilantro waiting to be chopped and topped on all my meals, apple juice for kids, whole-milk for kids (or me!), smart-balance and in the back a bowl of grapes & cherries.

"Cheese drawer-" bacon, cheddar cheese, flour tortillas for "cheese-roll-ups," cream cheese, Havarti cheese

Bottom shelf- lots of home-made sauerkraut, pickles, box of chicken-broth, pot of chicken-stock, some kind of Thai-curry that was given to us (and got thrown out).

Drawers- lots of apples for dehydrating or apple-sauce, carrots, celery, and oranges.

So exciting huh? Wanna see the door?


That's my VERY sexy leg holding the door open. Mmmm.

Let's see . . .top shelf- random coffee, whipping cream for tea, jelly, mayo, yeast, chili sauce

Middle shelf- hot sauce, bbq sauce, prunes for Shannon, smoke sauce, lemon juice, wheat germ, salad dressings . . .

Bottom shelf- seeds waiting to be planted, more pickles, random sauces . . .

So exciting huh? Well at least you can see what a mess it is!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Fred said…
in my new job I'm actually "going" into other people's refrigerator's. The first one was soooo neat and clean with carefully labeled foods, the second was extremely empty!!!!
Fred said…
actually that wasn't from fred, but mom...

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