Garden Progress! Eat the fruits!

Linking up with the Home school Village Garden Challenge . . . here to report some progress in our garden!

As I mention {all the time} we spend a lot of time outside. Most days include a minimum of an hour spent around our garden area, with another hour or two randomly thrown in "outside" here and there. Last night I picked THREE large tomatoes and a handful of the cutest yellow bell-shaped cherry tomatoes. If I had only one food to eat the rest of my life, it would be fresh tomatoes from the garden!

Here is our main garden spot- you can see three small tomato plants, then four purple cabbages and then two larger tomato plants behind them. To the left is our ugly but {oh so necessary} A/C unit. I planted a hibiscus in front of it, in the hopes that it grows large & bushy and hides it! There are some purple coneflowers hiding around there, too. In the pot is a Thai Pepper bush, just waiting for me to dare the boys to eat one. And then run begging for the water hose!


In our play garden area, the Jasmine came into bloom this month- so pretty and the most amazing smell. Our random patch of sunflowers are getting large, the tallest is now almost 5 feet tall! Mums are in bloom again too.


In an attempt to make the kids hang outside happily, I invested in this sand box. Yup, a rubbermaid tub plus a bag of sand = hours of great fun! I bought some glass treasure-looking squares and shells from the dollar store, too. A lid helps keep the dirt & fire ants out.


As for my garden dilemma . . . there is a lot of landscaping to do in this house. When we moved in a year ago, I set out to work on this garden area . . . which is now coming along. But the front of the house is filled with random & ugly bushes and there is not ONE plant in the back of the house! So slowly we're working on them. Outside my front door is this ugly patch. Look behind the cute children to see what I'm talking about:


Leaves, acorns and two random tropical things. They are cute . . . but on their own are just ugly! I see this out my kitchen window and really want it to look nicer. It only gets speckled afternoon sun, so that limits a lot. I'm thinking maybe some herbs? Impatiens for color? A tall, tropical grass for height and interest? Any brilliant ideas?


Andi said…
WOW! Great space for a garden!
Anonymous said…
I think the rubbermaid sand box is genius!
BEwers said…
I LOVE the rubbermaid sandbox! That's how I'm going to made one for my little Bee. I'm going to made him a sandbox and water play area. : )
Zonnah said…
Well the part you are working on looks great! I love your sandbox idea :)
I love you space, its so green! We had snow two days ago. I am a bit jealous that you already have tomatoes.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
Ktribe said…
Looks like you guys are having fun! I love the kiddo picture at the end!

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