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**Edit, OH COME ON! I finally get this post done and see that flickr has changed all my picture sizes to teeny-tiny! UGH** EDIT- FIXED!

Random stuff- picture heavy post, not too much commentary since I've been trying to post this since Tuesday! Questions, just ask!

Kids- are both 22 pounds. Three inches apart (Shan 33 inches, Forest 30). Crazy.

Forest- just not sure about this boy! One minute he's entertaining us by running around in circles saying "spin around" and the next minute he's just crying and fussing. Or following me around all day crying "mamma, mamma!" And the next he's playing by himself with his cars. I know the "half year" marks tend to be a challenge for kids and so I'm blaming it on that!


(These are from a favorite "free" park just 5 minutes down the road)




Up in a tree with Papa.


Jeremiah finally found a tiny bike for Shannon at the Flea market for $15 (our type of budget!) and she learned to ride it that day! I was all prepared for days of tears & frustrations of learning a new skill . . . . I guess I underestimated this girl! I was also prepared for a battle of the helmet (in our family no helmet = no bike ride) . . . and she hasn't batted an eyelash about it!


Life- As I mentioned, my parents were here for a week. We had a blast, as usual, despite a couple of crazy Florida stormy days. We did get in a beach day and a SeaWorld day. I *really* don't like theme parks but Sea World is SO different, we actually got year passes for $70- Forest could spend ALL day staring at the various aquariums, penguins, etc. Good fit for our family and just 20 minutes away.

Our Ranch pool is open! (these pictures are actually a bit deceiving- none of the Ranchers were there, so we let Shannon get away without her "safety seal." She can't swim and our pool is 3-5 feet deep, so otherwise she isn't allowed in without it!




THE BEACH! I could live here. Seriously. When I'm old and rich, I want to retire to a little cottage on the ocean. With lupines growing in the garden.








Seaworld! So fun!





momma-nance said…
Erika I love the photo of Anne in the pool with that dreamy grandma smile on her face :) I speak that language too.

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