I need to "vent" a bit. Update a bit. Sleep a lot.


Outside my window... literally right outside my bedroom window . . . 6 tomato plants, 4 cabbages, 1 strawberry, 1 Thai pepper, basil, lemongrass, birdhouse gourds, onion patch.

I am thinking... too much. {I censored this part from my public post but needed to vent it to you dear girls on Xanga. Consider yourselves blessed, I think.} Can't have these comments on a public blog, email me if you want to see them, HA!

I am thankful for... my husband. My beautiful and hilarious children who sing songs about "the blessing of the Lord" and "Jesus cries because he is broken."

From the learning rooms...following some Easter lessons, sorting beans, lots of garden & outdoor play, riding bikes, sorting cars & trains by color . . . you know, the usual!

From the kitchen... black bean soup for lunch. So yummy.

I am wearing... usual work-clothes- casual shirt & shorts.

I am creating... not much. Creativity has been zapped lately. I did get the yearbook done (insert wild leaps of joy and celebration here). Now I'm just trying to force myself to create a page a week, for a creative team. I know creativity comes and goes like the tide . . . I need to just ride the wave until it returns.

I am going... oh the places I wish I was going right now. Like I said, stressful week. I wouldn't mind going back to a few places . . . but Scotland is DEF on the top of my list right now. Rather than share the usual pictures of my kids, how about a few from our trip in 2007, when Shan was in my tummy? 12 weeks old!









I am hoping... that this weekend goes well. Easter egg hunt at 10, I have to cook lunch for the whole Ranch. Group coming out to do a "rain gutter regatta" at 2. Etc. Long day with 8 boys and two toddlers!

I am hearing... nothing. Blessed peace & quiet.

I am missing. . . my friends. So much. I've been really missing face-to-face friendships lately. I'm SO, SO, SO thankful for the internet, to keep in touch with some dear friends but wow, you have no idea what I would give to take a long walk off a short pier . . . Oops, I mean a long walk with a dear friend. Seriously, I might give up sugar for a week! Really, that's a big deal. Okay, so I'm getting overly-sarcastic and giddy right now but it's just a cover-up for my sadness. Missing friendships. Longing for heaven. We watched "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" tonight . . . and it just made me sick for heaven. I can't wait to leave this awful world. To go home. Finally. Come Lord Jesus, come!

How about one more picture? As I was looking through, I found this one. Jer had climbed to the top of one last mountain before we headed home and found this rock & inscription.


From where comes my help? From the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

Surely if he can make the earth, he can fix our problems, huh?


Pam said…
Hey Erika, hope all is well...I think your pics are lovely. I don't know your stuggle, but I just want to know that looking at your blog and seeing those pics of your family are all the more inspiration to me to concentrate on the simple pleasures of life. We all get caught in the whirlwind and look for an escape. The Lord will grant that at the right time. Even though I know that the location is everything, I am still jealous that you have a garden in progress!! HAHAHA Take care. Pam

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