Summer gardening in Florida!

Gardening is in "full swing" here in Florida. I've made mention of it a few times, but we've got three good-sized tomato plants (I think tomorrow we'll get to eat our first one!), a patch of about 20 onions, four cabbages, a strawberry plant and radishes going right now. This is our flower-garden, children's-garden area.


I have a pile of seeds that need to be planted- I really need to find a good time to do this, since it's hard to do seeds with the kids around. Since this is what they prefer to do . . . mix seeds, dirt and water and serve it to mom as soup! Our list of things to plant includes more radishes, flowers and some herbs.


Shannon actually helps me with the gardening-watering and picking . . . Forest . . . well let's just say I hope we can keep some of the tomatoes out of his reach until they are red!


Also along with our "spring" gardening is some learning! In talking with my friend Tara, she pointed me to a wonderful blog that has a whole "preschool gardening pack!" Shannon is on the young end of the spectrum, but there are some great printable games that we'll be able to throw into our learning times. If you have kids anywhere near the preschool age, I suggest you check out this link- she's got a link to three downloads including "lesson plans" for a wonderful garden lesson. Garden Preschool Pack.


Stef said…
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hooray - another FL garden! We're in central FL!

thanks for linking up - next link up is April 28th!

Zonnah said…
Lol, my son did the same thing last year with our tomatoes! I did not get one red one because of him :)

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