Picture into today

I have a "heavy" post in the writing but for now, you know how they say a picture is like one thousand words?

Lots to learn about our family from this picture . . .

1. Daily dance sessions while mom makes lunch. We listen to Pandora and have a "Kids Praise" station and also a "Disney Songs" station that we take turns rocking out to. Yes, I have some killer dance moves. No, you may not see them. And yes, Forest insists on wearing a skirt. He says this is "his skirt" and he won't dance without it.

2. Valentine's decorations are slowly creeping their way into the house.

3. The brown & green bags on the left side? Left-over Superbowl party supplies. All the boys were cheering for Giants, Jeremiah was for the Patriots. He has to do 40 pushups as "punishment" for them today. Good house dad!

4. Little blue table covered with Valentine-making supplies . . . paper scraps and glue. Fun times.

5. Random book basket in the middle of the floor, waiting for reading.

And here we have Mother "Theresa" Shannon, ministering to the sick and injured of Edgewood Ranch. And yes, it's like 80 outside. If this is winter, we are in BIG trouble when summer comes!

May your day be blessed . . . need encouragement? Read this: Hard Times


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