Borrowing a friend's internet since ours is still not connected. Grr.

Fighting the feeling of "stressed out." I must not be super-mom because I simply cannot unpack AND parent at the same time. Either I get unpacking done OR my kids are neglected, they are like water and milk- can't occupy the same space. Some days I chose to get unpacked, other days I have to work on parenting. It's been a little frustrating since who wants to live in a messed up house. Oh yeah and we've been here long enough that now I need to clean the house . . . plus keep up with laundry and meals.

We are almost settled, so that's good. And I think I'm *just* about caught up on laundry (as much as you can ever be- at least there aren't piles around anymore). Food, well hopefully I can get back to normal cooking tomorrow so we are all well-fed and not eating junk.

The internet problem is making me batty.

And the yearbook. Oh dear God save me from it. For those of you that don't remember, I passed it on to someone else this year, after doing it for four years. I realized I no longer enjoyed doing it and creativity can't be forced. In a workplace of 40+ people, I figured someone else could. And she said she would. And then she left the job in March . . . and had done NOTHING on the 48 page book that was due April 1st. I did get the deadline moved back to April 15th but I haven't finished yet. Hopefully this week. It's so hard on my attitude to even sit down to do it, I just don't enjoy it and have a million (literally) other things that I want/need to do.

So there you have it.
I need to get back to exercising now that bathing suit season has arrived.
I need to take better care of my family and start feeding them again, HA!
I need to be more positive, joyful and pleasant to be around.
I need to get more sleep (take naps) and eat better so I have more patience.

This week I need to:
finish unpacking
grocery shop & meal plan
finish the yearbook
upload pictures for you :)

Thanks for listening.


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