Wow, where in the world to begin? No pictures yet (haven't had a moment to upload them yet . . . ) but here is an attempt to summarize the last two weeks.

We're in! We love it! It's more than just an extra bedroom, it's a walk-in pantry, craft closet, master bathroom, walk-in master closet, master bedroom. Our bedroom is now a bedroom . . . not the house-hold center of business and storage! Shannon's room is adorable and is a huge place for us to just hang out and play. Forest's room . . .well it's still bare but I'll be getting to it! We've put in a lot of work painting, fixing all kinds of broken things, leaks, etc. It was a nice house and with Jer's skills, it's amazing now. The smell . . . we're still working on it. On really humid days and in parts of the boy's area we can still smell dog (gross) or if you lay on the living room floor to play (eeewww!). We may rip up the LR carpet this summer and put down wood floor since I don't think the smell will ever go away. But people have walked in and say "oh it smells good in here!" so I think we're on our way!

Is a 6 month old now! He's working SO hard on crawling, spends a lot of time up on hands & knees, rocking back and forth. Can scoot in a circle (both on back and on stomach) to get what he wants. Talks (da da, DA da, etc.). Eats! Yes! He is such an eater, you'd think I'd been starving him. It's cute. He's just the sweetest doll baby of a little boy. I guess he's trying to make up for those terrible, nightmare two months!

Continues to be my busy 2 year old. Talks non-stop. Loves her brother. Loves her new house (transitioned amazingly!). Now asks "where are my boys?" a million times a day.

Is outside watching the "gator man" look for the EIGHT foot gator in the lake. Did I mention the lake is now our back yard? He's been frustrated by some of the things he's had to fix- stuff that should have been fixed before like running toilets, holes in the door (big enough for a snake to get in), etc. but he's done a great job.

well time just ran out, be back later!


Fred said…
don't be so hard on your self - in two years, no one year, even 6 months your kids will be at a different stage...there is lots of time after kids grow up to keep your house clean. You do a good job at everything you attempt, just relax and enjoy each moment.

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