Walking into the kitchen/living room area . . .

Looking at the kitchen area . . . check out all those cabinets and counter space! Brand new microwave and fridge! And two kitchen windows!

If you look through the doorway, you see an open closet . . .

Look closer, that's my craft closet!!!! Shelves are going to be stained and then poly-urthaned (not sure how to spell that) so they are beautiful and easily cleaned! We're going to hang a "bar" to hang cups of pens, markers and other drawing supplies. Other things will set on the shelves, sewing machine can even sit here!. And we'll get a really pretty curtain to cover it.

This glorious space is to the left of the craft closet, it's my pantry! Yes, a walk-in pantry! I have finished painting in here, and made a cheery skirt to cover the hot water heater. The big surprise left to do in here? The back of the door is being covered with chalkboard paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* grocery shop
* loaded up all outside plants to take over to the new house, dropped off
* loaded more kitchen stuff into laundry baskets to take over (cups, mugs, baking stuff, plastic containers)
* two loads laundry
* worked on yearbook
* painted most of the hallway . . . not sure if I like the paint now . .


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