Phew, caught up!

I've found myself getting stressed out and tired . . . so I'm slowing down. There is no reason to rush the move and I want to enjoy my family over spring break. I have some things to share, but I want to run one more load of "stuff" to the house and sprinkle some stuff on the carpets before bed. The house STINKS of dog :( and we're trying to see if we can get the smell to disappear or at least sort-of go away before we beg our boss for new carpets :(

Today I . . .

slept in again (7:20, thanks Shannon!)
breakfast and play in bed with kids
go to new house to hang out- put stuff away, Jer takes toilet out of random closet (we had 2 1/2 baths there!)
watch kids, pack up stuff at old house while Jer goes to Ikea to buy new couch!
surf wonderful design ideas online
short nap
go to new house to see couch! move it around to all possible locations to see what works
put more stuff in kitchen cabinets
organize Jer's MOUNTAIN GEAR closet! This space is great, can't wait to show you!
grocery shopping
play with kids


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