Birthday is coming!

Just a few more hours until the birthday! Any birthday should be a celebration- a celebration of another precious life in this world, another year older and wiser. I am always reminded of the many, many hundreds, perhaps thousands of prayers that proceeded Shannon into this world. Three years of seriously trying and waiting, praying and begging God "for a beautiful, baby girl."

This week I was reminded, in a very sobering way, of the shortness of life. I stumbled across a very heartbreaking blog and story of a precious family that, in a terrible home accident, lost their precious little son, just a month ago. All week I've begged God to help this poor mother. I don't even have the words to pray for her because I know her life will never been the same. She grieves that little one getting into mischief, making noise, laughing, playing. And as I watch my kids this week, I think of her. When Shannon asks me the 50th question in 10 minutes and I feel irritation rising, my heart goes to this mom who would give anything to have her little one ask just one more question. And I stop and thank God for my precious children and the time I have with them.

One year ago, right about now, I headed outside to plead and beg the full moon and the Creator behind it, to let me please have this baby! I was 3 days away from what I knew to be my due-date and a week away from when the "so called experts" said I was due. But still I begged. And then went to bed. I could not sleep and got more irritated as the night went on that I wasn't resting. And then just after I fell asleep, I awoke at 3 am to a pop and gush - the very obvious water breaking! Story to be continued on the 23rd :)

The bright-pink cupcakes are baking and I have tea-party ironing to do! See you tomorrow!

Invitations to her two little "girlfriends" delivered
{cards found in the dollar spot at Target, decorated with a printed frame from Three Paper Peonies and random ribbon}



Craft projects created
{painted clothespins for holding up her birthday banner}


Comfy, tea-party supplies bought
{vintage looking pillows, scored for 99 cents from the thrift store}



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