Love. Servant.

Saturday. I'm working with the boys outside, on one of those perfect "Florida Winter" days. I turn to trim another Crepe Myrtle and wonder "how did that heart get in the tree?"


And the I realize it's a leaf. Left there. And suddenly I am reminded of Him who loves me. Who has patience with me. And grace.

Who "can dig the Grand Canyon with his pinkie . . . and thinks {I'm} worth his death on Roman timber."

He left me this little reminder that he loves me.


And I'm to go out and lavish that love on others. On those who frustrate and bother me. On my children. On my {very sick} husband.

Tonight in {a very frustrating} chapel, I'm reminded that this Christian life is about being the smallest. The least. The servant. The speaker went on and on about his greatness. The things he accomplished. Things that . . . in the end . . . really don't matter. Owning stores. Playing football. And I was sad. Do our kids need to hear that they can "do anything?" That they can "accomplish great things?" But God tells us that the greatest will be the servant of all.

I really struggled during chapel. Our kids need to hear that they are worth something. That they are capable of something. But the true Christian life calls them to being a servant. Not to be successful. It's a painful, harsh reality. And the reality that few will follow is even harder.

I pray that they will see this great love. I pray you and I will see this great love. And it will change us. Forever.



Anonymous said…
from Mom: I love the "heart" how beautiful and how great is your heart to see it as more...keep up the good work.
Lisa Leonard said…
i love that you spotted those little leaves. perfection. your blog is beautiful! xxoo
The Kelley's said…
wonderfully put Erika, and beautiful photo too!

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