Just a quick wave out into blog-land this morning. Forest is handing me a copy of "Urban Farm" magazine he wants me to read to him, coffee-cake is baking in the oven to enjoy on our morning off. Laundry is waiting patiently to be washed and other baskets of laundry are waiting not-so-patiently to be put away.

The weather has given us a little treat yesterday and today- high 70s! So we've been playing and running around outside, using up all that energy! I love the bursts of cold weather mixed in with warm days to lift our spirits. As much as I don't like Florida, I do like these warm days that cheer our souls!

Well, I really do need to be disciplined today (gulp) and that means getting off the computer chair and to work! I'll leave you with this beautiful almost-three girl!



Tara said…
oh my goodness, LOVE this picture oh Shannon! I actually have a bday gift waiting to send her (when I get around to it)

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