New things going on!

I love January! I always feel so inspired to clean, create and do stuff!

A couple things going on . . .

First the big news! Last January I decided to "attempt" the Photo 365 project {taking one picture a day, for an entire year}. I didn't tell anyone except Tara, because I was afraid I wouldn't really do it. I do have to say, I didn't get overly paranoid about it- there were days that got missed {sickness, job-related problems, dead camera batteries, forgetfulness} but I just chose pictures later that represented that day or something we might have done. I know that wouldn't work for some people, but I didn't want to be all overly legalistic about it. I found a designer who was making templates for each day/week/month but couldn't spend that much money on them, so I made them myself. And then I added a few words about the photo, in case I get old and forgetful some day. I planned ahead of time who would print the book (BLURB) and so I sized all the pages at 8x10.

AND I FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I uploaded and ordered my 106 page book yesterday!!!! I am SO proud that I actually finished, but more excited to have a wonderful treasure of a book about our year to enjoy over and over again!

I don't have the book yet (hopefully later next week) but here are a couple sample pages to feed your curious wonderings. A few random pages, the cover and the last page!

Other things in progress around here

* major cleaning up and out of our house. Now that we've lived here for almost 10 months, it's time to really empty out those cupboards, pantry, closets and piles. Obviously this is a very slow process with our busy & crazy lives, but I'm working on it and have several Goodwill bags around the house.

* decorating . . . again, after living here 10 months, it's time to change some stuff up. Mostly in the living room and kitchen I'm feeling the itch- need to finish some paint in the kitchen, I think I want curtains on the kitchen windows (light, airy and very high so they don't block the window) and need more color in the couch area.

* planning . . . a THIRD birthday for a certain special girl on the 23rd! Gosh, how can she be that old? I want to do a special but simple and cheap birthday for her this year . . . and am finally getting smart enough to plan ahead.

So that's up with me, in all my "spare time." Last night I had a freak-out moment. Our new boy was having some major issues that caused my peaceful-bedtime-routine with my two to turn into a chaotic run-and-dump-into-bed. That REALLY upsets my inner calm and sends me running for the "I CAN'T DO THIS JOB!" crying! I really struggle with if I feel like we can truly do this job with little kids. Yes we can DO it but can we truly do it WELL with little kids? It's hard to even bring up because "everyone has little kids" around here . . . but Jeremiah and I don't want to just "do" the job, we want to do it well. Anyway, I'm fine today and we'll be fine, but nothing like a little freak-out to cheer up the new year, right?

As promised, some of my favorite pictures from our NY trip!

Forest and Papa Playing


Gramma showing Shannon how to hear the ocean


Heading out to the snow!









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