Lovely Days

On Thursday morning we decided to go to the "Turkey Park," a state park up the road, complete with a Children's farm, where you can look at a horse, cow, pigs, goats, turkeys, etc. It was a wonderful morning out and I was glad that I sacrificed my desire to go shopping (alone) and went to hang out with my family! Other than the moment when Shannon and I stepped in something that instantly filled us with terrible, shooting pains (I'm guessing maybe stinging nettle?), it was a great morning!

First, the amazing smell of orange trees around the park. If you've never been to Florida in the spring . . . oh my! Imagine Jasmine x100!!!


I'll be the first to raise my hand that I don't like Florida but there is something mystical about a palm tree or two.


We practiced hill-climbing, complete with "oooooohhhh."


Did some exploring (under that leaning tree is the danger-nettle spot!!!!)



Stared at the amazing clouds whipping by (the wind was SO strong we could hardly hear each other at times!).


Apparently did some jumping too . . . I don't remember her jumping in front of the camera, wish the picture had come out better!


Had our hair blown around by the wind!


All in all, a great time!

This is what happens when I pull my camera out, around the boys- they LOVE Jeremiah, can you tell?


And that hallway project? Not done yet (trim still to do) but a few details!



Hope you have a great week . . . I have a yearbook to start & finish in the next 4 weeks, scrapbook pages to catch up on, Photo 365 to finish for February, family to take care of, etc. Hope to see you around!


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