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Not too many words today- Forest is in day 2 of a random fever (teething? 3-day fever again?) and so life is measured in short blips in-between his wanting to be held, making lunch and cleaning emergency hot-spots . . . and getting ready to work the weekend.

It's been a good "photo week" around here and I wanted to share . . .


Can you believe I have two little book-lovers in the house? Not sure how I got so lucky, other than stashing books in every corner, keeping them available for the kids to get out whenever they want, and reading all the time . . . but I love that this little guy comes running up holding books in his hands, desparately saying "buuuhhhh! buuuuhhhh!"


Nothing quite as sweet as little princesses!


This picture makes my breath catch in my throat. In it I see a glimpse into the "girl" that Shannon is becoming as she slowly treks out of toddler-hood. Wow do I love every little cell in her being! My long-awaited miracle girl.



Gardening days are back!

This is what our space looked like when we moved in, one year ago next week!


And this is how it's shaping up now!


An amazing Bougainvillea!


Forest, the bug hunter (check out the grasshopper on his shirt- it's what he was hunting).



Sometimes life isn't all peaches and cream.


Unless you're duck hunting!


I hope your weekend is calm and blessed.


Anonymous said…
from Mom: Erika I don't know where you came have so much patience, to allow your kids to do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. I hope someday they realize what an incredible mom they have!!!!

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