Wow, so many thoughts flying around in my mind, so hard to know even where to begin!


So many things I'd like to share but somehow they all come across the "wrong way" in type. I have had to stop reading several blogs and change the views on FB many times after reading how young mothers discipline their kids. To each their own but sometimes the things I read "in the name of Christ" just make me physically sick- the harshness with which parents deal with young children. It seems no matter how I write what I'm feeling about Christianity and parenting and discipline, it comes across wrong. So better to say nothing at all, right? So I'll stop here before I say anymore and probably have already said too much!

Reading a great book lately "The Mission of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson. I've enjoyed her blog for a while- she has an amazing insight into motherhood and such a focus on being Godly and wise, rather than a focus on a method. Her book is not a discipline book but rather a book about the MISSION of Motherhood- guarding, teaching, focusing on your child's heart. There are different ways of getting there and it's our job as parents to figure out how to get to our child's heart. Giving them the time they need and remembering that our job during these young years is to focus on these little ones. That may mean friendships or exercise, hobbies or vacations look differently during the next few years, as my focus from God is them. And I'm okay with that. It's my Mission.

So what's going on with OUR kids?

Forest . . . is just entering a new stage of understanding and personality. I'm not sure where he'll "end up in the end" but right now he's a sweet, totally focused little boy. On Cars. He adores giving kisses and snuggles. Copies his sister in everything. Just so completely easy to love. It will be interesting to see how he develops over the next couple months, as he enters the "18 month" range and the change in attitude that usually brings.



Shannon . . . oh what a girl. A singer, a dancer. A lover. Delights to talk about Jesus and heaven. Learning to practice forgiveness and pray for our bully-friend to let Jesus help her learn to be nice. Spends most of her time singing & dancing or reading. What a girl :) This is her singing in the front yard, in what is currently my favorite outfit of hers.





Let's see- we've almost been in this house for a year and it's about time for a complete clean-out and re-organize. I don't think I ever showed any pictures of our living room and kitchen- the areas we, of course, spend the most time! Of course I want to show you pictures of what it looks like "all clean" but in reality, well, here is the reality. Questions, comments, "what is that's?"



Wanna see what I normally look like?

This was my Valentine's outfit

This was a Tuesday night (dress up for dinner) outfit . . . yeah those pants are looking pretty ratty huh? Guess I better hem them or toss them. See, this exercise was good for something!


This is an average-day outfit- comfy shirt and jeans . . . in front of a finger-print splashed mirror.


This is what I look like most of the time. Yup. I have to wear an apron anytime I'm cleaning or cooking, otherwise I have to change clothes a zillion times a day. So I chose to wear this adorable apron!


On this particular day, this is what you would see if you walked into my bedroom. Time to change the sheets and hadn't had the time to re-load the bed yet. Yup, we've all been there but don't want to admit it. My turn to admit.


And THIS is what happens when your daughter opens a bunch of boxes of "packed away" clothes, to try them ALL on. Yeah. I was so delighted.



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