How the other half lives

As a follow up to the "day in a life" post, I wanted to show you what the boy's half of the house looks like. If you remember this picture of our house, it will help you visualize everything. If you look on the left side, there is a green door- that goes into the boy's part of the house and everything from there over is their side.

Upon opening the door, this is the sight you might see:


Well actually it might look more like this:


This is our cottage "day room" or the place we hang out while waiting to go to meals, do devotions, play games, have family nights. To the right is a door into my apartment and in the back, to the left is the door into the boy's bedroom. The door to the right is into the hallway between Shan & Forest's room.

Standing at the fireplace looking back, you can see my apartment door on the left.


This is the view into the boy's bedroom and bathroom- laundry stuff is by that back door, on the right.


Dreadful picture of the boy's bedroom- you even got lucky and get to see what happens when someone needs a time-out!


Looking back you see the cupboards where the boys keep their clothes- hanging stuff goes in the closets.


And this is their bathroom!


Hope that helps you visualize things better!


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