We Love to Read

I know I've mentioned a zillion times before our love of books . . . so I thought I'd show you just where we store all these books! No laughing at the hidden corners with dirt and such!

We have a basket in our living room for "seasonal" type books- right now we have all our "daddy" and "mommy" books, along with a few books on animals. The basket is under our "coffee table." Actually when the picture was taken, I believe those are our Easter books in there, accompanied by the Easter animals.


On top is a stack of stuff that Jer is reading:


Moving on to Shannon's room . . . We have a large rubbermaid tub filled with other kids books that I rotate out from time to time, as well. The middle shelf are board books that I try to encourage Forest to read, so I don't have to spend so much time repairing books.


Shannon also has a "big book pile" next to her bed, to read through before sleeping.


Forest has a shelf of books in his room. We usually read all these before nap time, all together.


And as you walk through the hall, don't trip over this other basket of books, waiting to be sorted out.


In that same hallway is a storage closet. Among other things, is our big shelf of "adult" books. (On the back of the door is a shoe-organizer that I use to sort craft supplies). The rest of our books are in storage- things we don't use regularly like baby books, history books, etc.


In our room we have a basket for library books:


A shelf for scrapbooks and gardening books:


A table for me- devotional books, light-reading books, magazines I get for free!


And Jer has a table filled with his random reading!


So there you have it, that's how we read around here!


learning table said…
Having books surrounding you is the best way to live, isn't it?

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