Ahh, the start of a new week. So far today (it's 9:15) I've . . .

got the 3 boys off to school (chores, breakfast, etc.)
washed two loads of our laundry
managed to shrink a shirt to impossibly small proportions
got Shannon down for a nap**

Left to do today . . .

workout (I think I found a workout partner!!! or rather, she found me)
clean up the mess of receipts and bank stuff
grocery shop

I'm glad it's Monday. This weekend tested every ounce of patience I have and then begged for more . . . testing my reliance on God to keep me calm. He did. Thanks God!

** On Wednesday night, Jer and I spontaneously decided that Shannon needed to learn to go to sleep in her bed. I didn't mind rocking her or using the Mei Tai . . . but all of a sudden she started fighting that. So, we decided it's time for her to learn on her own. Since I am not okay with leaving her to cry by herself, this required a LOT of time and patience over the past few days. For example, Friday required 45 minutes to get her to go to sleep . . . after which she slept 1/2 hour. I spent more time getting her TO sleep than she did sleeping. BUT Saturday she was asleep in 20-30 minutes, with me only going in to lay her back down (when she was whining, no crying even) a few times. By this morning, she was asleep in about 20 minutes, I just had to go in a few times to make her lay down since she prefers sitting :) Yippeeeee!!!

Second reason for patience-testing . . . my boys were SO annoying this weekend! It seems that they decided to try all their little obnoxious habits. Oh my. So glad they are in school this morning. Which leads me to . . .

As they are doing construction on our boys' school, they discovered that the ENTIRE old building is a fake . . . in other words, it looks like a beautiful block building and in reality the entire thing has been eaten away by termites. The only thing left that's good are the rafters and concrete base. It looks beautiful. But it's a faulty facade that could have killed kids.

Which leads me to . . . how often am I a faulty facade? You know, looks like I have everything together on the outside. Seems nice. But inside I'm really a mess. I'm critical. I'm negative. A complainer. Today I want to work on the negative spirit. Not complaining about things around my life. I want to be beautiful on the inside!!!!


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